Assembly Session neih meka MNF member Lalruatkima zawhna ziaka a chhan danin Higher and Technical Education Minister R Romawia chuan Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) hmalakna tura sum hmuh cheng nuai 4,684.18 zinga cheng nuai 4,215.83 chu sorkar laipui atanga hmuh niin cheng nuai 468.35 chu state sorkar aanga hmuh a nih thu a sawi.

H&TE Minister chuan College hrang hrang te leh state pumpui mamawh zirchiangin RUSA Guidelines Programmatic leh Financial Norms zuiin State Higher Education Plan draft siam phawt a ni a ti a, State Higher Education Council in chu chu thlirin a pawm hnu ah Central-ah RUSA Project Approval Board ngaihtuah turin thawn a ni a.

Project Approval Board in Plan proposal a pawm Compopnent-ah te sum an rawn sanction angin state State Higher Education Council leh RUSA Project Directorate kaihhruaina hnuaiah College-a Board of Governors leh Project Monitoring Unit te nena thawk hovin hma lakna leh ruahmanna kalpui a ni a ti a, Civil works-ah DPR emaw Plan and Estimate emaw siam turin Government Empannelled Firm, Mizoram Technocrat rawih a nih thu a sawi.

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