Parliamentary Secretary dinhmun Parliamentary Affairs Minister R. Romawia chuan Parliamentary Secretary te ruat hi India Constitution kalh a nih leh nih loh chungchang hi Court-a thu awm lai, la chinfel loh a nih avangin Constitution a kalh leh kalh loh thu hi tun dinhmunah chhan theih a ni lo niin a sawi.

Assembly a MNF member Lalruatkima zawhna ziaka chhangin R. Romawia chuan March 29 khan Mizorama Parliamentary Secretary-te hi “The Mizoram Parliamentary Secretaries (Appointment, Salaries, Allowances and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2009 tlawh chhana ruat an ni a ti a. Mizoramah hian State Legislative Assembly vawi 6-na, kum 2009 atanga neih tan a ni a ti. Parliamentary Secretary te hi Minister of State dinhmun ang (status) pek an ni a. Chief Minister-in tul a tih chuan Council of Ministers/Cabinet meeting-ah invitee angin an tel ve thin niin a sawi bawk a.

Assembly rorelna-ah zawhna siam leh zawhna chhan leh private member resolution siam chungchangah te hian Parliamentary Secretary te hi MLA an nihna angin an tel ve thei a ngaih a ni a. Department enkawl nei ve an nih avangin an tel vena department chungchang zawhna emaw zawhna zawh belh emaw, private resolution emaw nei ve tura ngaih an nilo niin a sawi bawk.

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