Rambuai/ Operation signal inzirtirna



Able = 0-


B-Baker = -000


Alphabet                                                                             Operation signal/T&Y/…

A-           Able = 0-

B-            Baker = -000                                                       AAA Full stop 0

C-            Charlies = -0-0                                                   AR End of transmission

D-           Dog = -00                                                             AS  Wait(reilote atan)

E-            Easy = 0                                                                AS AR Wait ons (rei deuh zawk atan)

F-            Fox = 00-0                                                           B T B T Tex Piggin ( Mag ka rawn thawn dawn a                                                                                                                                                                                     che)

G-           George = —0                                                     B T Tex End.

H-           Hon = 0000                                                          Du Hyphen(-)

I-             Item = 00                                                             IMI  Sugergain(or) I say again.

J-             Jig = 0—                                                                                 INT AA  Zawhna ( Eng station nge i nih?)

K-            King = -0-                                                             KK  Bracket open closed ( )

L-            Love = 0-00                                                         UK  Block on (or) Block off

M-          Mike = —                                                            XE  Oblique Strock

N-           None = -0                                                            RL = Re call

O-           Obo = —                                                              AA *  All after

P-            Petter = 0—0                                                     AB = All before

Q-           Queen = —0-                                                     WB = Word before

R-            Roger = 0-0                                                         WA + Word after

S-            Suger = 000                                                         RK = Roger so far

T-            Tier = –                                                                  RK = Roger rover

U-           Uncle = 00-                                                         C = Your correct

V-           Victor = 000-                                                       CQ = Used in calling all stations

(Station zawng zawng kohnan)

W-          William = 0—

X-            X-ray = -00-                                                         E = Send 8 (Eight) times. Erase a group wrongly send                                                                                                       (tihsual and msg)

Y-            Youke = —0                                                        G = Check back this massage(Msg ka rawn thawn che                                                                                                     kha i ti dik em sawi nawn rawh)

GR = This msg contain the No group in cased.

(Ka msg lo thawn che tur hi tawngkam                                                                                                                   word…………………………………. zat a ni)


1.0——                 II = Suprative Signal (Thaidanna eg) ii)

  1. 00— K = Transmission temporally end.
  2. 000—
  3. 0000-
  4. 00000 N = Noi received I msg ( Ka dawng theilo)
  5. -0000 QLG = Code sign of control station.
  6. –000 INT QQS = What are sign strength of group(Ka sign ri in hre tha thei tawk em?)
  7. —00
  8. ——0 QQS = Sign strength of is ….. (Signal strength chuti zat in ka hria che)

10.——                 INT  QSA = What is the strength of my sign? (Ka sign strength engzatin nge in hriat?)


QQY = CYPHER MESSAGE in ka rawn thawn …

QSA = On station reply by sending OSA …indicating the signal strength of the … follows

(QSA zawh ah Figure a tel chuan on station … a hriat dan strength ani ang …(signal strength)(I signal strength chu chuti…)



SB = Slable(tawgkam zat chhiar na)

VE = Ka be duh che

AA = Khawi khua nge inih…..?

AAA = Fullstop

D = Thu pawimwh tak sawina a ni.

OU = Zual ko thu chauh a hman tur.

QQ = Min lo nghal rih rawh.

K = Ka in peih a sawi tan rawh.

T = Ka hria e.

R = ka hmu dik vek e.

AR = Ka thawn zo tawh

EEEEEEEEE = Ka sawi sual ka sawi nawn leh dawn.

IMI = Abul atangin sawi nawn leh rawh.

G = Ka thawn ang a piang in rawn thawn rawh.

RU = Tunge i hming?

W = I eng a te lutuk ti tha rawh.

SS = Muang tak in thawn rawh.

SQ = Rang tak in thawn chhawng rawh.

IOL = I bul ah eng a awm ti reh rawh.

VET = He thu hi thawn chhawng rawh.

VEZ = Thu tam tak in hnena mi tur ka sawi dawn.

VEZ ii T = He thu hi in hnena mi tur a ni a. Hmun dang ah pawh thawn zel tur a ni.

NA = kan thawn thei ta lo.

B = Lehkha thawn kha in lo hmu em?.

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